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Metro Channel-Drain Showers

METRO channel drain tile showers are an 'up-to-the-minute' design -- stylish, simple, yet very functional. Being a single- plane, tileable shower base, with an integrated channel drain, METRO is proudly supported by a 'peace-of-mind' 25-Year Leakproof Guarantee. Coupled with a stunning frameless-glass enclosure, and personalised with a choice of stainless-steel drain covers or a tileable cover METRO provides a modern, luxurious showering experience.

The METRO tiled shower system installs simply and quickly, Gone are the old-fashioned, problem-prone methods. Utilising techniques familiar to builders, plumbers and many DIY

With over 30 standard sizes and custom shapes and sizes available
, you will easily find a shower style to suit your bathroom.

Metro Tileable Channel Drain Shower Base

The METRO, one-piece shower base is created with 'fall' to the desired channel-drain position. Constructed from 3.0mm marine-grade aluminium, each base is accurately laser-cut, and folded by a CNC press-brake. All corners are welded along top and bottom surfaces ensuring a guaranteed watertight, tileable shower tray. The underside of the tray is fully supported by a high-density core and fully encapsulated with a polyester resin / glass-fibre coating. The topside of the tray is finished with an epoxy coating, and glazing channels adhered. The result is a sturdy and durable, tileable shower tray.

The METRO tray design comprises a slope to a linear / channel drain at the shower rear, front, or either side. Custom tray sizes and positioning of the channel-drain are easily accommodated in manufacturing.

METRO Tray Types

Threshold’ Tray -- Installed on a bathroom floor.
‘Level-Entry’ Tray -- Rebated into bathroom floor with a 15mm step-down to tray from  bathroom floor.
‘Wheelchair-Access’ Tray -- Rebated into bathroom floor, flush without a 15mm step-down. (Alcove rear channel only).
 NZ Design Registration Nos. -- 407636, 407774, 409541.

Channel-Drain Covers

METRO showers are available with a choice of channel-drain covers.


Frameless-Glass Enclosure

The 10mm thick toughened frameless glass is provided in standard or custom configurations. The enclosure is secured in satin-finish anodised glazing channels which have been adhered directly to the tray, and wall waterproofing. The channels provide a tolerance for out-of-plumb walls and unlevel tray installation. Enclosures are provided with quality chromed-brass hinges and a chromed stainless steel Round 'D' handle set (optional handle sets available).See Glass Enclosures Configurations information on METRO Technical / Drawings Page for configuration options.

Choose a shower with a complete enclosure and door, or just a panel-only creating a doorless walk in shower. See Metro Tray and Glass Options for standard configurations.

Custom-Size Tray and Glass Enclosure

We are happy to consult with our customers should a custom size and shape of METRO shower tray and frameless-glass screen enclosure be required.

Handle Options

Chromed stainless-steel Round 'D' handles are supplied as standard. Other handle options available as shown.


Quik Niche Recessed Shower Shelf

The Quik Niche tile-over soap and shampoo recess is an optional extra and is available in 3 sizes.

pdf    Quik-Niche 390mm x 340mm - specification pdf
    Quik-Niche 390mm x 340mm - specification pdf
pdf    Quik-Niche 540mm x 340mm - specification pdf
pdf    Quik-Niche Installation.pdf

Glass Corner Shelves

Toughend safety-glass corner shelves are an optional extra. Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 10mm thick.

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