QuikNICHE Tileable Soap / Shampoo Niche



Recessed Soap / Shampoo Nichepro-NICHE-shampoo-niche-for-tile-showers

A practical and beautiful addition to your tile shower the
Quik NICHE tileable shampoo / soap shelf recess is 100% waterproof and simple to install.

Quik NICHE, manufactured from stainless-steel is available in a tileable or brushed-stainless option.

Available in standard and custom size options.

Fully backed by the Impresa Platinum 25-Year
Leakproof Guarantee.




Standard Sizes:
W        H        D

340 x 340 x 90mm
340 x 390 x 90mm
390 x 390 x 90mm
490 x 340 x 90mm
540 x 340 x 90mm
640 x 340 x 90mm
840 x 340 x 90mm
1140 x 340 x 90mm
340 x 240 x 90mm (footrest)