Specifiers / Builders



Why Impresa?


Not all tileable showers are equal. Where Impresa offers true, one-piece shower trays featuring the necessary attributes for a successful shower system, others are not so well designed or integrated. Some are simply a base consisting of a number of pieces glued together, yet still requiring waterproofing, the very problem-component a real one-piece shower tray totally avoids. Manufacturing true custom size / shape tile showers cost-effectively saves construction time, materials, and labour cost.

Service / Support

Impresa highly-values it’s relationships with specifiers and their clients. The very nature of providing custom shower solutions often involves pre-sale and post-sale support of which Impresa has years of experience fulfilling those requirements.

The Impresa ‘What you specify, is what you get’ Guarantee

Where an Impresa shower system is specified i.e. a tray and integrated frameless-glass enclosure with quality hardware, you as a specifier are assured there will be no substitution on the building site of our proven input-components, ensuring peace-of-mind for all, for years to come.

Product Information

To view the standout features of our showers, we offer product presentations. Should timing and schedules conflict, we courier throughout NZ Presentation Kits containing sample-sized trays and componentry.